We believe the decision to have photography and video coverage of your wedding day is an investment in a priceless keepsake. We take a limited amount of bookings per year so we are able to give each of our couples a personalised experience. The packages and options we offer reflect the style of work we are committed to delivering but also aim to encompass the varying needs of our couples.

We have four types of photography packages available

Creative Digital Packages start from $1999

Creative Digital Packages are our most popular package type. These packages are suited for couples that want a digital copy of the photographs. All photographs are edited and provided as a High Resolution files via DVD or Hard Disk.

We offer two types of Creative Digital Packages, Standard & Premium. Standard packages have a limit on the number of photographs you will receive, whereas the Premium packages include unlimited photographs.

Creative Diamond Packages start from $2999

Creative Diamond Packages are our standard digital and album combined option. The package combines our Creative Digital Standard Package with our Album options, and gives you access to a selected number of photographs as well as an Album.

Creative Platinum Packages start from $3499

Creative Platinum Packages are our premier package type. The package combines our Creative Digital Platinum Package with Our Album Only Package, and gives you access to unlimited digital photographs as well as an Album.

Creative Engagement & Pre Wedding Packages start from $1399

We also have special packages for couples that are looking for engagement or pre wedding photography.


Cinema Packages start from $3099

Cinema Style is our premier package option. These packages combine both documentary and cinematic techniques with finely crafted cinematic montages. Cinema Style packages have the highest production benefits of the packages we offer, which includes a high level of creative shots throughout the day including the use of cinematic camera movement and equipment on top of full documentary coverage. As Cinema Style is focused on storytelling the package also includes continued consultation with your cinematography team to plan and prepare for the day as well as a period of consultation during the editing process. Due to the level of production and resources required for Cinema Style packages, we only accept a limited amount of bookings per year.

Documentary Packages start from $1999

Documentary Style caters for couples that want a more candid and natural approach to both filming and the editing of their wedding film. Our approach is to capture all the important elements that make up the day to weave together a full documentation that has both continuity and rhythm. The use of multiple cameras throughout the day allows our teams to capture a wide range of angles, activities and emotions, to aid in constructing a story of your day as it happened from varying perspectives.

Cinema Montage Packages (Highlights Only) start from $1699

Cinema Montage Style is our highlights only package option. It has all of the benefits of our Cinema Style package in a shorter form. Cinema Montage Style packages are suitable for couples that want a non-linear and highly edited short representation of their day utilising both cinematic and documentary techniques. The highlights montages range from 10-60 minutes depending on the package option selected, and can encompass many of the key moments from the day. Our Cinema Montages are well thought out and personalised to the requirements of our couples, with an emphasis on storytelling.

Pre Wedding Video start from $1599

Pre Wedding Style packages allow for creating short films 5 to 10 minutes in length. It could be simple as wanting to share the story of your relationship with your guests at the reception, or just wanting to have a bit of fun in front of the camera to your favourite song. Get in touch with us with your ideas and we will brainstorm with you to make it happen.

For more information on each of the packages available and combined package pricing for photo & video bookings please get in touch with us to arrange for an appointment.