Indian Wedding Photography Melbourne

Indian weddings are known to be glamorous, filled with bright colours and followed by traditional rituals and ancient customs. At Ferndara, we aspire to take these unforgettable moments of fun, joy, and love and transform them into life-long memories. With our specialized Indian Wedding Photography in Melbourne, we love to create the story of your special day as it goes. Indian weddings follow a suite of legendary wedding customs and lots of ceremonies rooted deep in Indian culture. Our professional Indian wedding photographers have their expertise in capturing all the traditional rituals and ceremonies, and can cater directly to your needs and then unique aspects of your Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding Photography Melbourne - Ferndara

We Know What It's Like to Have an Indian Wedding

Tradition and ceremony play a big part in Indian weddings. The Ladies Sangeet before the wedding day, Mehendi celebration for the bride, and the Haldi ceremony just before the wedding are just some examples of this. At Ferndara, we look to capture every part of your celebrations with our unique Indian photography Melbourne. The colourful clothing, the delicacy of Indian cuisines, the love, and the joy is reflected in the wedding photographs that we take for you.

Indian wedding is all about multiple ceremonies and traditions to be followed.  Ferndara reflects those  traditions in wedding photographs.

We Capture Every Angle

Our Indian wedding photographers here at Ferndara are expert in capturing every precious moment of your wedding day from the best angle to give memories that will last forever. With the best Indian wedding photography Melbourne, we create amazing portraits for the bride and groom along with capturing the fun and joy of the wedding ceremonies and rituals all day long. With a wealth of experience in photographing Indian weddings, Ferndara is the best place for you to seize the memorable moments of your glamorous Indian wedding.

Ferndara never miss a chance to capture wedding moments in photographs. Every angle matters.

Pick Any Location, Any Style for Your Indian Wedding Photography

No matter where you want your wedding pictures to be taken, we’ll be there with you to explore more opportunities and make your wedding pictures stand out. Pick any style and location yourself, or take our professional advice and let us help you capture the essence of this amazing day. Our Indian wedding photographers are innovative and creative, always striving to give your wedding pictures fine edge, and make them extraordinary.

Choose any location or style and Ferndara is there to do Indian wedding photography.

Get in Touch with a Sensational Indian Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is more than just taking photos. We make this day so special that you will relive this day every time you see your wedding photographs. To capture the essence of this very special day of your life, book your Indian wedding photography with Ferndara. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better, so get in touch today!